Learn to Use Natural Light in Portraits to Your Benefit: Five Tips

Natural light is probably one of the fewer things that alone can make the photo beautiful on its own. It’s so nice to see soft natural light on a photo, which helps the picture look so candid and lets you plunge into its warm atmosphere full of golden sun rays that make you feel at home.

It sounds really good, but it doesn’t take just a snap-snap to create a great photo using natural light. Natural light is not strobe light and you won’t be able to control it as your strobes in the studio irrespective of how much you want it. However, there are few things that you should remember if you want to shoot a warm, candid, and soft photo using natural light.

Mind the weather

And though there’s no bad weather, the light that the nature offers us is completely different in every time of the day and place. Contrary to the widespread belief that the bright daylight in summer is good for close-ups and portraits, we advise you not to shoot when the sun is high in the summertime.

The best natural light is diffused, which usually happens in winter when the skies are cloudy or in the evening and morning in summer.

Shoot when the light is not strong

Shoot during the last 30 minutes of daylight or during the first 15 to 20 minutes after sunrise or when it’s cloudy when the light is strong. But remember that you should never shoot when it’s dark since the post processing will unnecessarily take too much time.

Look for the right light

Don’t worry if you can’t really avoid shooting on sunny days. Simply try to find a cozy place with enough shade or use the first opportunity when the clouds cover the sun. Control the light yourself and make it diffused so that all your shots look great. Don’t forget about dealing with WB manually and post-process carefully.

Bright daylight and its advantages

Another thing you can do is to try to be a bit creative and use the bright daylight to your advantage. Try shooting in forests or parks with trees that will diffuse the light and make your photos look even more natural.

Or start acting a bit cheeky and try to goagainst the nature. Shoot your subject in the bright daylight, making sure that the shot is not underexposed and your model doesn’t squint.

Light diffusers and reflectors

These simple tools costs peanuts—or may be made at home—and help a lot in improving the lighting and making your shots more balanced in color and candid.

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